The Horse

photo by Simon Howden

photo by Simon Howden

Adventures in Millinery

the girls2I’ve always loved hats.

Bread Boot Camp, Part Two

The Classroom

The Classroom

Besides running the wood fired oven workshops, Pat runs Hains House as an AirB&B.  In case you haven’t been traveling much lately, this is a system like those home stays and farm stays that are so deservedly popular in other countries.  Three bedrooms and a bath upstairs, one bed and bath downstairs.  So in the four nights I spent in the Log Cabin room under the eaves, Vasu had another of the upstairs bedrooms and the downstairs room was occupied Friday night by Frank and Elaine from Victoria, B.C. and Saturday night by Emily and David from Northern Ireland.  And it must be said that in the case of Hains House, “bed & breakfast” doesn’t really cover the experience.

A Weekend Warrior at Bread Boot Camp (Part One)

The first of two posts about my wood fired baking workshop in Olympia, WA…

Batards and BoulesI’ve learned over the course of many years and many trips that travel is like dominoes.  If a day starts off ugly things generally get worse.  Thursday (Sept. 19th) is a travel day that begins with a thunderstorm at 1:15 AM.  After checking the time, making sure the roof isn’t leaking and getting a drink of water, I start mentally calculating how many hours I have left to sleep, which of course means zero.  We leave the house at 4 AM (don’t ask.)

Cutting It Short

dolores for blogA few weeks ago I cut my hair.

No, that’s not exactly right.  I didn’t cut it.  I had Dolores cut it, because she is my hair person.  I never know what to call her.  Stylist?  Dresser?  Cutter?  I usually just call her Dolores.  She’s been cutting my hair for…four years?  Maybe more than that.

There’s a Lesson Here

Canyon Road Tea House in a different season

Canyon Road Tea House in a different season

“Did you know Cindy Bellinger?” my husband asks.

We’re sitting at a table at Dulce having coffee and reading the paper, our Friday morning routine.  I’m reading Pasatiempo and I look up, surprised.

“Yes, we met her at Larry’s signing.  Why?”

Proud Member of NWA

artful editA while back Jo-Ann Mapson and I were lamenting the lack of decent health insurance for starving writers like ourselves.  We decided to start an association in hopes of getting a great group rate on insurance for our millions of soon-to-be members, and Jo-Ann came up with the perfect name…one we felt sure writers everywhere would identify with and flock to…Neurotic Writers of America.

They met on a merry-go-round and have been going around together ever since.

December 13, 1942

Re-Thinking New Year’s Resolutions

My friend Marie Schnelle took this shot and used it for her New Year’s greeting.

Sweet Corn

Henry James believed “Summer afternoon” to be the two most beautiful words in the English language.  He believed it so strongly that he said it twice.

Well, summer afternoons are indeed wondrous, but I think I have a serious contender for the title of two most beautiful words: